Hoverboard Age Limit: There is None but…

Hoverboarding Age Limit

Hoverboards have grabbed the attention of millions of children as well as adults with their sleek looking modern technology. The internet has played a major role in boosting its popularity amongst all the crowds.

At first glance, this might seem like something out of ‘Back to the Future’ or like a technologically advanced take on a skateboard, however, there is much more to it, and it’s not all sweet.

You may have heard about the fuss of hoverboards catching on fire and kids getting injured by falling off them. So, the question arises, can all kids irrespective of age, use them? Below, we are gonna answer this question along with other related stuff.

Is There an Age Limit?

Normally, there’s no hard-and-fast rule regarding a hoverboard age limit, but we shouldn’t let kids below 8 years old use hoverboards. With that being said, we must also add that in early 2016, a new CA law has been passed, which set the requirement of a higher age limit, safety gear, and also a speed limit.

According to the law, you must be at least 16-years old if you are to ride a hoverboard in public. That makes this a legal hoverboard age. Another thing to be noted is that wearing a helmet is compulsory for all riders, and you will only be allowed to ride it on streets that have a speed limit of 35 MPH. That is not all, people who will be seen disobeying the law will have to pay a whopping $250, which might even be costlier than that shiny hoverboard, so be careful!

Hoverboarding Age

Are Hoverboards Still Catching Fire?

You need to know that the hoverboards that did catch on fire were not ‘UL’ certified, and these were the ones made using cheap materials in China.

These were sold at oddly low prices than the rest in the market, which made them appealing to the customers’ eyes. To their disappointment, these modernized skateboards were nothing but tragic.

We would suggest you to not buy one of these from a sketchy online retailer since they are more prone to explosions. Rather buy from trusted manufacturers. Although now, hoverboards need to be certified UL 2272 compliant, or else they will not be permitted to be brought into the US. This was passed by the Consumer Safety Product Commission in 2016 after a thorough investigation. So that’s a bit of a relief for you if you have already gotten one.

Other Concerns

Explosions and blasts are not the only concerns that come to play with hoverboards, other hazards are also present, and you need to heed them.

Adult Supervision

If you have gotten a top quality hoverboard from a certified official website and let your 8-year-old ride it, you still have to be careful. First of all, you have to ensure that your child wears a helmet, knee pads as well as the ones for elbows every time he/she goes out to play with it.

Secondly, do not let your kid away from your sight while on the board to prevent any sort of injuries and bruises. Last, of all, restrict your child from going about at the top speed of about 10 MPH since accidents are more likely to take place with less control. When using it at low speed, you can sustain yourself from the rough throws against the coarse aggregate paver.


This is something often overlooked even though it has quite the significance in the safety department. Riding around a busy area with plenty of traffic would be a foolish decision to make.

Recently, a teenager passed away in a traffic accident while riding a hoverboard, so choose your spot wisely. A park or a quiet neighborhood is as close as it gets to a perfect address for swiveling your hoverboard around. We would also discourage you to ride it at steep locations, as they usually have a restriction of 30 degrees for moving up or down a slope.

Weight Limit

To ride a hoverboard, you must weigh at least about 45 pounds, and usually, they have a weight limit of around 300 pounds which should not be exceeded. It’s not like a person weighing below 45 pounds would not be able to get on it; the issue is that the pressure-sensitive pads of the board will not detect the person’s weight properly. Hence, keeping a proper balance might turn out to be a huge obstacle and would lift the risks of being injured.

After several accidents, some even fatal, many states and countries have concluded banning hoverboards in public places. It might be illegal for you to go about on your hoverboard in the park, so before you pour out your money, make sure that it is not banned in your country or state.

Major airlines such as United, Southwest, American, and many more have also put the cross sign on hoverboards due to numerous reports of accidents that surfaced to news channels and tabloids. So, you should also be aware of that; after all, you do not want your prized possession to be tossed into a dumpster while checking in.

Final Thoughts

Hoverboard injuries are mostly bruises and bumps, which you can easily minimize with the use of proper safety gear. Last and most importantly, before purchasing a board for yourself or a child, please make sure whether it is UL 2272 certified or not; after all, none of us want to blow ourselves up.

To conclude this article, we would like to say that if your child is below the age of 8, do not give him/her a hoverboard as it wouldn’t meet the hoverboard age. And if he/she has issues with balancing, then you shouldn’t even think about giving him/her one at an early age. After reading this article, we hope you take all of the factors mentioned above into consideration and come to a decision.

Finally here is a home video from Melinda for you to enjoy, which shows there’s no hoverboard age upper limit.


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