5 Best Skateboards For Kids in 2023: Review & Buying Guide

If you’re online and searching for the best skateboard for kids, then it’s safe to assume that your child has already bitten (or is about to!) the skateboarding bug! And when it comes to enjoying the sheer thrill of skateboarding, we always say – start em’ young. This incredibly popular sport is a great way for kids to stay active while also strengthening their sense of balance and coordination. 

If your children are hinting that they’d like to try their hand at it, then we’ll help you choose the right skateboard for them to start off with. After all, actually zeroing in on a skateboard can often be tricky, especially for first-time buyers! 

In this blog, we bring you 5 of the best skateboards for kids aged around 5 to 15 years. We’ve reviewed each product on the list for its construction, safety, and quality. Scroll down to find out what to look for when choosing a board for the little ones in your life, and the most popular (and safe) options on the market.

What Is a Typical Skateboard Size For Kids? Factors To Consider

With so many brands, skateboard types, and options out there in the market, narrowing down your choice to a single product can feel daunting at first. To help you take the guesswork out of the equation, here are the factors to pay attention to when sizing up a potential skateboard for your kids: 

Deck Width

Skateboard widths can range from anywhere between 7.25” to 9” or even longer. However, a deck width of anywhere between 7.25” to 8” is ideal for younger kids and pre-teens. If your child is around 4’ 6” in height, then a deck width of 7.25” to 7.75” works great. However, for kids whose height is between 4’ 6” to 5’ 6”, a deck width ranging from 7.75” to 8” might be more suitable. 

Deck Length

While most adult skateboards have deck lengths starting from 31” all the way to 42”, the right deck length for most kids would be from 22” to 27”, depending on how tall they are and their age. However, some pre-teens might be taller than most – in that case, a 31” deck width would work better for a secure balance. 

Deck Shape

A skateboard’s deck comes in various shapes, and you should pick the shape depending on which surface your kid plans to ride the board most on. 

  • Popsicle Deck: If your kid plans to mostly do street skating and ride in the skate park, then a standard popsicle shape deck is the best shape. These decks are symmetrical on both their nose and tail ends. Their versatility and ease of use make them an ideal choice for beginners and youngsters. 
  • Cruiser decks: These also work great for traveling longer distances and effortlessly cruising down the streets. These decks are quite stable, thanks to a kicktail in the back. 
  • Longboard decks: This deck shape works great not only for traveling long distances but also for cruising and downhill skateboarding (though your kids won’t be doing it while learning the ropes). Longboards are wider than most other deck shapes, offering more stability and control. 

Wheel Size and Hardness

Skateboard wheels can range from 48mm to 60mm in their size. For beginner skateboards for kids, the ideal wheel size can go anywhere between 52 to 60mm, depending on where your kid will be spending the most time learning how to ride. While smaller wheels generate relatively slower speed and are not super shock absorbant, they are better for learning tricks in skate parks. 

On the other hand, larger wheels are more stable and shock-absorbant and work better when riding on roads, sidewalks, and uneven surfaces. 

The durometer is a measure for a wheel’s hardness, and it can range from a very soft 78A to a very hard 100A. A wheel durometer of 90-99A works well for kids and beginners, since this makes the wheels neither too soft nor too hard – ideal for both street skating as well as skate parks. 

5 Best Skateboards For Kids in 2022: In-Depth Review

1. Magneto Kids Complete Skateboard | 27.5” 

Over the years, California-based Magneto has built a rock-solid reputation for its range of high-quality and affordable boards. This classic skateboard by the brand is 27.7” in length and 7.75” in width, designed especially for young kids. In my opinion, this one works great for kids between 8-12 years old. The 7-ply hard maple deck is stable, flexible, and built to last, while the slight concave deck shape and anti-slip grip tape on its surface will keep your kid’s feet securely anchored onto the deck. 

52mm wheels and high-rebound 95A PU durometer means these wheels are relatively small and of medium hardness – perfect for all-around use as one of the best beginner skateboards for kids. Plus, the cool graphics at the bottom seal the deal! 


  • 27.7” sturdy, stable 7-ply hard maple deck
  • 52mm offer a stable, smooth ride
  • High-rebound 95A PU wheels stay stable on various surfaces
  • Anti-slip grip tape on deck surface for extra secure footing
  • Ideal for both street as well as park skating


  • Maybe a little too big for very young kids (under 6 years).

2. Beleev Cruiser Skateboards for Beginners, 27

Stable, sturdy, and light, the Beleev skateboard scores high on performance, stability, and durability, Its 27” deck length has a wide 8” width and a wide 18” wheelbase, which keeps the board stable and well-balanced for kids to practice on. Crafted from sturdy yet flexible 7-ply Canadian Maple Wood, it has a kicktail shape that makes it easy to turn and maneuver. 

Large 60mm wheels are made from high rebound 78A PU, making it one of the softest wheels on the list. This means it can easily travel over uneven roads, sidewalks, and rough surfaces – picking up speed when needed. Thanks to the non-slip grip tape on the deck top, the rider’s feet will stay securely on the board while riding. Available in a variety of cool graphics, this is a great all-around choice for young beginners between 9 to 10 years of age. 


  • 27” deck with 8” width and wide wheelbase for stability and balance
  • Solid yet flexible 7-ply Canadian wood deck
  • Large 60mm 78A wheels for smooth maneuverability over roads and sidewalks. 
  • Anti-slip grip tape for traction


  • Soft wheels may not be ideal for skate parks. 

3. Meketec Skateboards Complete 22” Mini Cruiser Skateboard

This mini cruiser skateboard by Meketec is a sturdy, portable board specially designed for beginners and young kids. With a deck length of 22” and a 6” inch deck width, it is small enough for 8 year-olds to control and start learning with. Its cruiser-style shaped deck is made from light, durable high-quality polypropylene, which is sturdy but with just enough flexibility – keeping the rider stable and well-balanced. 

Its 60mm wheels are pretty large in size, while the 78A durometer means the wheels are quite soft. Together, this means that the board can go fast and easily glide over all kinds of surfaces – even bumps and cracks on the road. Finally, its pocket-friendly price point makes this board a steal. 


  • Snug 22” deck length and 6” width – ideal for smaller kids
  • Sturdy, durable polypropylene deck for stability 
  • Soft, large wheels for smooth, balanced riding on uneven surfaces
  • Affordable price point


  • Not that larger wheels can pick up faster speed 

4. Penny Australia, 27” High Vibe Board, The Original Plastic Skateboard

There was no way I wouldn’t have included OG plastic skateboard brand in here. Launched in 2010, Australia-based Penny quickly gained global fame for their classic line of small-sized plastic skateboards. This gorgeous vibrant yellow variant of theirs is lightweight, flexible, and incredibly sturdy too. With a 27” deck length and 7.4” deck width, it is the right size for 8 to 10-year-olds to kickstart their skateboarding journey. 

The signature waffle non-slip deck top adds enough traction to keep the feet firmly planted. Its large 59mm wheels have an average 83A hardness, working well on smooth riding on streets and uneven surfaces. The price may be a bit steeper than you’d anticipate for kids’ boards, but it’s a good purchase if it falls within your budget. 


  • 27” length and 7.4” width – ideal for 8 to 10-year-olds. 
  • Non-slip waffle deck top for stability
  • Large, medium hardness wheels ride smoothly on most surfaces


  • Relatively pricier than other options

5. Rude Boys Skateboard Complete 24” Mini Cruiser for Kids

The brand may be called Rude Boys, but this mini skateboard for kids is quite sweet! Its 24” length and 6” width deck is small enough for 7 to 9-year-old youngsters to be able to comfortably maneuver and control, no matter what the surface. The double kicktail shape keeps the board symmetrical and is great to learn tricks on. It has a 121 lbs max weight limit, which is slightly lesser than other options on this list. 

Its wooden deck is sturdy and with a good quality anti-slip grip tape for friction. Small, 50mm PU wheels offer traction and are good for both smooth riding and learning tricks. 


  • 24” length and 6” width – perfect 7 to 9-year-olds. 
  • Balanced double kicktail shape for cruising and tricks. 
  • Anti-slip grip tape for friction and stability


  • Relatively lower max weight limit

Final Thoughts

We hope our list helps you find the best skateboard for kids that works for your needs! Skateboarding can be a fabulous lifelong passion, especially when you start off learning on the right board. Here’s wishing the little ones in your life tonnes of fun and safe skateboarding adventures!