The 5 Best Kids Roller Skates 2023: Review, Guide, Pros and Cons

If your kids have bitten the skating bug, then you’re no doubt looking for the best kids roller skates for your little ones! But with so many options and types of skates in the market, buying the perfect pair can get tricky. You’re looking for something that’s a trinity of safety, comfort, and the right fit. 

Don’t know where to start? Worry not, mums and dads, aunts and uncles – we’ve got you covered! We’ve put together a list of the 5 best kids roller skates to help you select only the best for your children. Scroll down to find out which models made the cut, and their pros and cons! 

Factors To Keep In Mind When Buying Youth Roller Skates

Roller skating is quite a speedy and physical activity – that’s why it’s important to choose a pair of skates that wouldn’t need you looking over your shoulder to make sure your little ones are safe. Here are the factors you need to keep in mind when sizing up a pair of roller skates: 

Size and Fit

Choosing the right fit is essential for a fun, secure, and comfortable experience for your little one. And that can be quite a challenge considering how quickly kids outgrow everything, including shoes. Like shoes, the boot part of roller skates should fit their feet snugly or, at best, be a size larger. Buy a size too small, and it’ll hurt their toes, while something too big will make them prone to slips and falls. 

Also, pay close attention to the sizing chart of the brand you’re buying and have your child try them on with a pair of socks. If you want to save yourself all of this sizing hassle, just buy your kid a pair of adjustable roller skates. They can accommodate up to 4 full sizes and are ideal for a growing child.


Shape: Taller boot styles or hi-top cutoffs are great for kids as these offer good support to the ankles snugly, thereby lowering the risk of ankle-related injuries. Low cutoff shapes work best where speed and maneuverability count more than comfort, in other words, more suitable for older or pro-level skaters.

Material: What the boot is made up of needs to be compatible with where you’ll be using it. Synthetic and leather boots are perfect for indoor and outdoor skating, whereas suede boots last longer if used indoors.


Material: For kids, steer clear of plastic wheels as they have low rebound. Polyurethane/rubber wheels act as a cushion, absorbing vibrations and impact from the surface. They are also quite durable and sturdy. 

Durometer: Which roller skates to pick also depend on their durometer or wheel hardness. For outdoor skating, best to go for skates with softer wheels. These work well for kids by giving better traction and grip on smooth and slippery surfaces. 

Size: For kids roller skates, anything in the range of 47-60mm in diameter is a good call. Smaller, wider wheels offer more stability, but you may not get a lot of speed out of them than larger wheels. But hey, for younger kids, stability matters more than speed, right? 


Without bearings, there’ll be no “rolling”! They are located inside each wheel, allowing them to turn. A bearing’s quality is rated on an Annular Bearing Engineering Council (ABEC) scale. ABEC 7 and 9 are long-lasting, super-fast, and often found in high-end, premium models. For best performance, bearings should be cleaned and oiled regularly. 


Also known as frame or base plate, the chassis part of the roller skate keeps the boot and wheels in place. Lightweight, durable and supportive baseplate made of aluminum or similar metal is what you should opt for while going roller skate shopping for your little ones.


One of the most important elements for a safe skating experience is buying a pair of skates with a solid braking system, even if you have to shell out a little extra. In rollerblades or inlines, brakes are typically located under the heel. For quad skates, brakes come in the form of toe stops. 

Type: Quad or Inline?

There are various kinds of roller skates to choose from, with the most common ones being Quad and Inline skates. 

As the name suggests, Quad skates have four wheels placed in two parallel rows. Inline or rollerblades, on the other hand, have slim-shaped wheels with 2 to 6 wheels arranged in a line one behind another. Due to their broader, thicker wheels, quads are more stable and easier to balance, especially for young beginners. 

Inline skates are faster due to their sleeker wheel design. They make for a smooth, bump-free ride and are better suited for older kids who’ve been skating for longer. 

The 5 Best Kids Roller Skates: In-Depth Review

1. Roller Derby Trac Star Youth Roller Skates

There’s a reason Roller Derby Skate Company is such a well-loved brand in the skating world. After all, they’ve been making high-quality skates for over 80 years! Their Trac Star Youth Roller Skates are high-performance quad skates that your kids will love using regardless of skill level. And with adjustable sizing, you won’t have to worry about your kids outgrowing them anytime soon!

The Trac Star’s hi-top, hinged shell boot comes with removable padded lining for superior support and comfort. Its thick, padded tongue offers a snug, secure fit. Also, Trac Star’s easy-fit cam-lever buckles mean your kids won’t have to struggle with the laces. This model’s lightweight chassis has real trucks for controlled turning. That’s not all! The outer frame is made from a reinforced polymer frame and comes with non-marking toe brakes on each skate. 

The Roller Derby Trac Star boasts 54mm urethane wheels and G-Force 608ZB carbon bearings, making them perfectly suited for outdoor and indoor skating. Finally, these durable and high-quality skates come in two delightfully eye-catching black with red trim (boys) pink with white trim (girls) options. True bang for the bucks, I’d say!


  • Adjustable up to 4 shoe sizes at the press of a button
  • Trucks with cushions chassis for better control during turns
  • 54mm urethane wheels for enhanced grip and bounce on any surface
  • Non-marking toe brakes to slow down and make emergency stops safely


  • The smallest size catering to 12J-2 may be a bit bigger for very young skaters

2. Roller Derby Fun Roll

Make way for another fantastic creation by Roller Derby, The Fun Roll, designed keeping young beginners in mind! Colorful and bright, these quad skates offer boundless fun and super safe skating experience for your little ones. What makes them wonderful for the youngest of skaters is their ability to accommodate up to five shoe sizes! 

Apart from the adjustable sizing, this model has quite a few features in common with The Trac Star model, including cushioned padded lining for a comfortable, secure fit and cam-lever buckles for a hassle-free closure. They also share the Trac Star’s multi-surface compatible urethane wheels and smooth-rolling G-Force 608ZB carbon bearings. 

A closer look at the design reveals the level of thought and care Roller Derby has poured into making these quad skates extra safe for our little skaters! The Fun Roll has been built with a low, “tractor” style chassis with smaller wheels in front and wider at the back. Also, the braking system is located at the rear to prevent backward slips and falls- a game-changer, in my opinion! Together, these factors offer its little users safe, stable, and carefree rolling, even for long hours at a stretch.  

These vibrant skates are available in two amazing variants that your kid will adore! A pink with yellow and white trim with perky emojis printed all over it and a vividly colorful action comic print. 


  • The Rear braking system provides enhanced safety
  • Low center of gravity and wide stance design offers solid stability
  • Adjustable sizing up to 5 shoe sizes
  • Super fun to look at


  • Inner foam boat attached to the skate – not removable. 

3. Sulifeel Light up Roller Skates

Adjustable, comfy, safe, and dazzling – what’s not to love about these awesome pair of roller skates made specifically for young riders. Sulifeel Light-up Roller Skates expand up to four sizes at the press of a button, saving you the hassle of buying a new pair every time your child goes up a size. The reinforced aluminum frame with polyurethane wheels and Speed ABEC-7 bearings work well in delivering a stable, balanced, and smooth ride for your child even at high speed.

What makes these quad skates such a steal is the way they look, for they’re sure to make your child stand out in a crowd! These colorful skates have a shimmering upper design and come with wheels that glitter and light up when in motion. The lace-up closure with velcro vamp strap and buckle works brilliantly in giving a great fit and ankle support.


  • Expandable boot size ideal for the growing kids
  • PU wheels and Speed ABEC-7 bearings offer a confident skating experience 
  • Eye-catching design with wheels that light up


  • Could seem a bit fast to beginner skaters

4. Papaison Inline Skates

Scouting for a pair of inline skates for your child? Look no further than Papaison’s Adjustable Inline Skates. These rollerblades are packed with all essential features to give your child a safe, confident, and enjoyable ride. And like others on this list, their boot size can be easily modified using a push button. There’s also a plush liner and tongue inside the boot to give your kids the best fit while keeping foot fatigue at bay.

The cleverly designed thickened shell and reinforced aluminum alloy chassis provide a low center of gravity for enhanced stability and control. Papaison Inline Skates’ high-quality configuration delivers a performance worthy of its price. High-speed mute ABEC-7 carbon steel bearings and 82A polyurethane illuminating wheels make these skates durable, safe, and smooth, whether you’re rolling outdoors or indoors, day or night. 

And because they are available for kids and grown-ups in a super chic purple and black or white and black variant, you might want to get a matching pair and go twinning with your kid!


  • High-quality wheel and bearing offer a quiet and smooth ride.
  • Illuminating wheels are self-powered upon motion
  • Boot size can be conveniently adjusted 
  • Perfect for young skaters of any skill level


  • Lights may start dimming over time

5. Chicago Kids Adjustable Quad Roller Skates

Here’s another terrific pair of youth roller skates with a performance that matches up to its popularity! Made by one of the oldest roller skate brands, Chicago Kids Adjustable Quad Roller Skates grow with your child thanks to their multi-adjustable boot that can expand up to four shoe sizes. The boot’s high-top profile boasts a padded collar and breathable nylon mesh lining that cradles your child’s ankle securely while protecting their tender skin from moisture. Two micro ratchet buckles further amp up the overall comfort and snug fit factor.

These roller skates’ feature everything you’d look for to kickstart your child’s skating journey with utmost care and protection. The 60mm composite wheels with 608ZB semi-precision speed bearing provide fantastic grip and stability. Having the right braking system is a huge factor, and these skates score here! Built-in toe brakes are accessible and highly reliable to make smooth and easy stops. 

Chicago Kids Adjustable Quad Roller Skates are available in three equally attractive color combinations- blue/silver, white/pink, and purple/silver that are sure to put a smile on your child’s face.


  • Expandable sizing is ideal for growing children
  • Kid-friendly micro ratchet buckle closure for adjusting the boot fit 
  • Hi-top design with a padded collar for ample ankle support


  • Only available in small and medium sizes
  • May need oiling before use

Final Thoughts

An active kid is a happy kid! In a digitally saturated world of smartphones and laptops, it’s important that we encourage our little ones to go out and explore the world – and roller skating is a fun, invigorating, and creative way of getting them to enjoy physical activity. We hope our blog on the best kids roller skates helps you find the right pair for the kids in your life!