Skateboard Size Chart: What Size Should I Get?

Skateboard Size Chart

This is perhaps the most asked question I’ve seen on forums related to skateboard. Yes, there are different sizes available, and when I get asked about this, I always go to the end result of “it’s your personal preference.”

Well, not really helpful, is it? People still ask me what size of board do I ride? What if my board was bigger? What if my board was smaller and this and that…To be honest, if you like a bigger board than skate a bigger board.

Now, a lot of guys aren’t satisfied with this result. And for those of you, this Skateboard size chart should answer that common question, everybody, planning to buy a new board ask. And that is “what size of skateboard should I get?”

I know this topic is important because when it comes to skateboarding, size matters a lot. You can’t fully enjoy a ride if the size doesn’t suit you. Getting a bigger board than necessary means you won’t be able to perform some tricks like you can with a smaller board.

What Size of Skateboard Should I Get?

Most skateboards are similar in length, so width is used to choose a size. They range in width from 6.5-inches to 10.5-inches. But most boards you will see are between 7.5-inches to 9.5-inches.

The rule of thumb is to start with a skateboard that has the width proportional to your shoe size.

Mini skateboards range from 6-5-inches to 7.5-inches and are ideal for young riders that wear men’s shoe size ranging from 4 to 6.5.

However, don’t automatically assume that because you’re a certain shoe size, you should buy a certain size board. It has nothing to do with anything like that; it’s just personal preference.

Usually, if you are just practicing flip tricks, flat bars, ledges, and other technical tricks, you should choose a board on the narrower size of the spectrum. For skaters that prefer jumping over big gaps or skate handrails, big bowls and stairs, they are more comfortable using larger boards. Here is a pro tip for you. Don’t be afraid to try out different sizes. That way, you will be able to find out what works for you the best. As I’ve said before, it’s all about personal preference.


The deck size of skateboard ranges from 7 to 10. While skating, the deck size plays an important role because this is what gives a rider the ability to control the board. It’s very important to start out with the right one because these boards are an extension of your personality.

If you are just starting out, choose a wide board as you will have better stability and better control. You can curve easily on a wide board compared to a narrow one. For performing tricks and quick turns, narrow decks are better, and they are lighter in nature. You will lose stability, but you will gain better control once you have mastered narrow skateboards. The proper selection of skateboard is vital here.

Skateboard Size Chart

Skateboard Size

The most important aspect of any skateboard deck is the size. You want to find the best size and shape that suits your riding style. While choosing one, there are three important factors to consider.

  1. Shoe size
  2. Bodyweight and height
  3. Riding style

Let’s talk about shoe size first. You don’t want a board that is too narrow or too wide. Doing technical tricks, ollieing, and turning requires a good fit combination between the board and the foot.

The recommended board size for a person that is 5ft 6-inch or taller is 8.00″ to 8.50″.

The recommended board size for a person that is 4ft 6-inch to 5ft 6-inch is 7.75″ to 8.00″.

The recommended board size for a person that is 4ft 6-inch or shorter is 7.25″ to 7.75″.

Follow this skateboard size chart if you want a board that will work well with your body size.

Riding style and the terrain are also important when you are buying a skateboard for the first time. If you want more surface area and stability under your feet, choose slightly wider skateboard.

A lighter weight setup should be convenient if you want to do flip tricks. For street skating, you might want to buy a narrower board.

Narrow decks that are between 7.00″ to 7.50″ are ideal for youth riders. Decks between 7.50″ to 8.00″ are considered as medium width deck and suitable for teen and adult riders. Buy them only if you are street skating or want to perform technical tricks. For cruising, you would want a skateboard that has a deck size of 8.0″ or higher.

Trucks Size

In addition to deck size, you can also choose what size of trucks you will need. Trucks are forged out of steel and allow for pivoting and turning on the axle. It is comprised of an axle, a hanger, a kingpin, a baseplate, bushings, washers, and nuts.

There are different truck heights like low, mid, and high. Choose one that will be suitable for different style and activities. Low truck height is best suited for flip tricks. These go well with smaller wheelbase and provide extra stability.

Because of their lower center of gravity, these boards are good for beginners & easy to maintain. Mid truck height is very versatile and is also the most common size for all-around skateboarding. They are ideal for skating in the streets or at a park. Large truck size is for cruising and carving.

Wheel Size

Wheel size will influence the way your board rides. The diameter of a wheel is measured in millimeters. You will see the size printed on the outer surface. The most common wheel size is between 50mm and 60mm, and they are widely used for street and park skating. Larger wheels that are 60mm or larger are generally used on longboards and cruisers. Wheels less then 54mm is preferred by technical skaters.

Rounding Up

As you can see, there isn’t any perfect size. The best way to determine which skateboard size is suitable for you is to try out a bunch of them. Borrow them from your friends or try them out at your local skateboard shop. Hopefully, this skateboard size chart guide will help you find the best skateboard size that suits your riding style.

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